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        Showroom Plates

        Full photographic quality showroom plates to show your brand off to its full potential.

        Printed using the very latest LED flatbed printer, our stunning showroom plates are designed to reflect your brand.

        Whether your branding is pristine and muted or colourful and detailed, our showroom plates will ensure the sharpest photographic quality print with a range of effects to match your branding:

        • full photographic colour print

        • metallic effects

        • toning gradients (perfect for logos)

        • edge-to-edge print

        To find out more about the designs we can do for you, please contact our Design team on 0114 279 8657 or email design@jepsonandco.com 

        Alternatively, to place an order for showroom plates, please contact our Customer Service team on 0114 273 1151 or email sales@jepsonandco.com 


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