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        Step 3: Number Plate Laminators

        The final step to creating the perfect number plate for your customers. Available in three different sizes to suit your business needs.

        Our range of robust and simple, purpose-designed, Integra laminators are ideal for quick and easy lamination of any number plate size you may stock. They are set at the correct width for number plates, meaning you can laminate quickly and simply as soon as it is installed.

        Our three size options make it easy for you to select the right Integra for you.


        Integra (Standard)

        For standard oblong and lipped standard oblong plates.

        • Dimensions: 150(h) x 270(w) x 700(d)mm
        • Weight: 6kg


        Integra S

        For all shapes and sizes of number plates.

        • Dimensions: 140(h) x 380(w) x 780(d)mm
        • Weight: 9.5kg


        Integra M

        For motorcycle size number plates.

        • Dimensions: 140(h) x 360(w) x 380(d)mm
        • Weight: 7kg


        To find out more, please contact our Technical Support team on 0114 253 6568 or email support@jepsonandco.com.