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        Eco Backing

        Constructed of ABS plastic fronted with white or yellow reflective, our eco-plate rigid number plate backing matches our eco-film. Available in a range of sizes with flag options.

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        Eco-plate car standard oblong white ABS backing: 520 x 111mm
        Product Code : 12002000

        Eco-plate car standard oblong yellow ABS backing: 520 x 111mm
        Product Code : 12002100

        Eco-plate motorcycle yellow ABS backing: 235 x 178mm
        Product Code : 12000340

        Eco-plate oversized car rear yellow ABS backing: 533 x 152mm
        Product Code : 12101100

        Eco-plate 4x4 square yellow ABS backing: 284 x 210mm
        Product Code : 12000600

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