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        Acrylic to British Standard

        Meeting the stringent standards of the new enhanced British Standard for number plates is simple with our acrylic.

        Resistant to impact, bend, discolouration, thermal change and the new abrasion and Near-Infrared tests, every piece of number plate acrylic meets BS AU 145e for durability, meaning you can be assured of the best quality acrylic in the industry.

        Please note that images are representative of the style of plate.  Please refer to the full description for item sizes.

        Please refer to the item description for full details including exact sizes.

        Did you know?

        The UK has some of the most stringent technical standards for durable number plate clarity due to the number of safety cameras on our roads.  Our acrylic, which is also known as perspex, is one of the most resilient optical plastics on the market.  Many Western European countries use PET, similar to that used to make bottles for fizzy drinks.

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        Car acrylic standard oblong: 520 x 111mm (pre-printed)
        Product Code : 10017000P

        Car acrylic standard oblong: 520 x 111mm (no British Standard mark)
        Product Code : 10017100

        Car acrylic lipped oblong: 520 x 125mm (pre-printed)
        Product Code : 10100700P

        Car acrylic lipped oblong: 520x125 - No BS mark - Square Edge
        Product Code : 10100800

        Motorcycle acrylic to BS AU 145e: 237 x 178mm (no BS mark)
        Product Code : 10004850

        Motorcycle Or Trailer Plate Acrylic: 237 X 178mm (Pre-Printed)
        Product Code : 10004850P

        Motorcycle Lipped Acrylic to BS AU 145e: 237 X 189mm (Pre-Printed)
        Product Code : 10100200P

        Oversize Car Acrylic: 520 X 120mm (No BS Mark)
        Product Code : 10020301

        Oversize Car Acrylic: 520 X 140mm (no BS mark)
        Product Code : 10024350

        Oversize car acrylic: 533 x 152mm (pre-printed)
        Product Code : 10025700P

        Oversize Car Acrylic: 533 X 152mm (Pre-Printed) with Regional Flag
        Product Code : 10025700PF

        Oversize Car Lipped Acrylic: 533 x 144mm (Pre-printed)
        Product Code : 10101450P

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