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        We‘re here to help. Call us on 0114 273 1151 (Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:45pm)

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        Contact Us

        Here you can find our details on how to contact us.

        Our friendly team will be happy to help you by email, phone or remote support.

        Whether it's legislation, printing or ordering you need some help with, we are just at the end of the line.

        Unfortunately we cannot accept new trade customers that are not yet registered with the DVLA's Register of Number Plate Suppliers.

        If you want to supply plates, you can find out more how to get registered with DVLA by clicking here.

        Our Details

        Jepson & Co Ltd
        44 East Bank Road
        S2 3QN

        Customer Care, Orders & Enquiries

        Tel: 0114 273 1151
        Email: sales@jepsonandco.com


        Tel: 0114 253 6564
        Email: accounts@jepsonandco.com

        Technical Support

        Tel: 0114 253 6568
        Email: support@jepsonandco.com


        Tel: 0114 279 8657
        Email: design@jepsonandco.com

        Sales Representatives

        National Sales Manager

        Chris Worton-Smith
        Mobile: 07766 160013
        Email: chris.wortonsmith@jepsonandco.com

        Southern Wales and South West England

        Wayne Lee
        Mobile: 07956 384040
        Email: wayne.lee@jepsonandco.com

        London, South East and East Anglia

        Rebecca Morton
        Mobile: 07985 197547
        Email: rebecca.morton@jepsonandco.com


        Nick Bryant
        Mobile: 07919 887314
        Email: nick.bryant@jepsonandco.com

        Scotland, Cumbria and North East England

        Jim Crossan
        Mobile: 07748 638204
        Email: jim.crossan@jepsonandco.com

        Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

        Russell Hall
        Mobile: 07487 700266
        Email: russellhall@jepsonandco.com

        North West & Northern Wales

        Olly Houldsworth
        Mobile: 07970 888221
        Email: ollyhouldsworth@jepsonandco.com


        Ian Connolly
        Mobile: 07753 816179
        Email: ianconnolly@jepsonandco.com

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