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        Social Distancing Range

        "If feasible, you should also put up plexiglass barriers at all points of regular interaction to further reduce the risk of infection for all parties involved, cleaning the barriers regularly." gov.uk retail social distancing guidance*

        As seen on the BBC - we manufacture Sneeze Guards as single units (order online below) or modular for a larger workspace

        To help you get back up and running and meet government guidance, we've repurposed our acrylic manufacturing and are supplying protective guards and other professional protective items. In stock now.

        Our modular sneeze guards are created from a trademarked design to suit any workspace.  Just tell us your workspace dimensions and we'll do the rest.  Find out more on our blog here.

        Volume discounts and bespoke options available - contact us to find out more.


        MAKE UK names Jepson & Co one of its #ManufacturingHeroes

        Thank you MAKE UK!  Check out the post here:





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        Modular Sneeze Guard Panel (800 x 600mm)
        Product Code : 10301000

        Modular Sneeze Guard (800 x 600mm) With Letterbox
        Product Code : 10301050

        Modular Sneeze Guard Panel (800 x 800mm)
        Product Code : 10301100

        Modular Sneeze Guard (800 x 800mm) With Letterbox
        Product Code : 10301150

        Modular Standard Leg
        Product Code : 10301700

        1 x 5ltr 70% Hand Sanitizer Bottle
        Product Code : 10302300

        1 x 500ml 70% Hand Sanitizer Bottle
        Product Code : 10302400

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